Write it down, stick it up.

I’ve never read ‘The Secret’. I haven’t even seen the movie. But I get the premise… ultimately you get back what you put out… and that I believe.

With the New Year brings another round of resolutions. And with this, a forced conversation in our heads and with others around the BBQ, about what we’ll do differently starting sometime soon. For most people this means a slight change in habit for a few days, weeks and if you’re good, months. But for most of us, me included, resolutions are the same discussions we have with ourselves time and time again any time of the year, not simply on the first day of the first month.

A few years ago, we tried something a little different in our house. We wrote things down, and we stuck them up. Actually, we went one better; we switched on the computer, typed a few notes on a page and printed them out. And bingo, it worked! Having a few attainable goals staring back at us every morning was an honest reminder of the commitments we’d made to ourselves, and the fact they were visible to the rest of the household made us accountable to others.
I’m talking realistic weight goals, a few fun runs, perhaps some new skills or a change on the work front. Things we knew we wanted to achieve, but that would require some effort to get there…but not too much that meant we never would.

This year is no different. B and I discussed our goals over a vino and then tapped them out on the keyboard. And now these goals sit proudly on our wall, taunting us every time we veer near the bathroom, wardrobe and loo. Over time, those lists will become like an ex boyfriend at a party…  we’ll eventually stop making eye contact each time we pass by one another but we’ll always know exactly where the other is in the room.

So, this year, consider taking a different approach. Grab a bottle of your favourite plonk (it may well be your last for a while), think stuff through, write it down and stick it up. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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