This is me.

Hi. I’m Amelia.

I haven’t trekked the Himalayas, or broken a world record. I haven’t saved a life or changed the world. But, I can host a dinner party and present in meetings with passion. I can finish a fitness class with energy still in the tank, and I can bring book characters to life for my four year old. Welcome to my world.

I’m a mum, a step-mum, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a daughter and sister… and on any given day I can be good at some of those things and suck at most of them. So, I’m just trying to navigate my world as best I can – balancing everything that comes at me in the hope that I master some of it, or at least, survive it.

And a precautionary note. I may work in social media, but this stuff is personal.

Thanks for stopping by.


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