I’ve been a part-time Paleor for about eight months now. Cue eye-roll, snuff and smirk. Don’t worry, I get it. But, I’m the kind of girl who’ll give (almost) anything a go, so after some success with the trendiest of all eating trends Sarah Wilson’s IQS, I was looking around for “what next?” Paleo was planted in front of me, and I gave it a crack.

It’s been good. We’ve had some great times together, and I appreciate having Miss P by my side at every meal (and not hating on me when I reach for the popcorn as my go-to snack or down a glass of vino over dinner). But, we’re now hanging as BFFs and part of each others every day, so I’m getting itchy and asking “what next?” Well, Pete, Luke and Nora decided to finally cash in on the hoopla and see if they could convert a few more peeps into this new but old way of life. So, I’m going to take on The Paleo Way head on. Not just the food (we have that fairly well sorted in my house-ish) but also add in Luke’s exercise program too, read a bit of Nora’s studies and see at the end of the ten week program how much more I learn and how much less I weigh.

We’re pretty active in chez Collins, and we have a reasonably healthy relationship with food right now, but there’s stuff we can still do – like convert this thinking into our kid’s diets. That will be one of the greatest challenges for us over the next ten weeks (with a ‘fruitarian’ 4yo and ‘anything goes’ 17yo). And the the daily cuppa Joe has to stay. I can’t give it up, nor do I want to. Let that be the thing that makes my diet less than perfect and I’ll be fine with that.

This is the start of week 1, (after a week of pre-program where nuts have been activated and kraut fermenting), so I’ll check in regularly with my thoughts on how it’s going.

I’m looking forward to long sleeps, a strong body and a happy tum. Here goes…

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